About Us

We are a team of passionate, dedicated and professional psychologists consulting from Newport and Point Cook, Victoria.

Welcome to Aspire Health & Psychology. We are passionate about providing excellent and professional services that gets the outcomes our clients hope for. We pride ourselves in the care and level of service we are able to offer. We ensure that the quality of our service maintains this standard by asking for client feedback and evaluation. We are guided by the outcomes and level of improvement our clients are reporting and use evidence based measures to achieve this. We engage in regular training and professional development.

We aim to service the majority of the community mental health needs and offer individual, couples, and group therapy sessions. We cover all age groups and most mental health concerns. We also have an highly experienced team consulting about corporate and workplace issues. Our team consists of adult, child, couples and corporate consultants.

Our Team

Our team of experienced and qualified psychologists and therapists at Aspire Health & Psychology are all equally passionate about providing the best possible assistance to our clients.  We ensure that all our clients feel supported, comfortable and understood.

Our team includes:

Psychology & Counselling

Jodie Kink – Clinical Psychologist – Children, Adolescents & Adults

Sarah Gelman – Psychologist – Children, Adolescents

Sherianne Wong – Psychologist – Children, Adolescents & Adults

Dr Bert Oraison – Psychologists – Adolescents & Adults

Azra Woods – Psychologist – Adults

Dr Aimee Stevens – Psychologist – Adults

Brittney Carey – Psychologist – Adults

Carly Cameron – Psychologist – Adults

Meg Orton – Psychologist – Adults & Older Adults

Natalie Holmes – Clinical Psychologist – Adults

Marianne Love – Psychologist – Adults & Adolescents

Dr Elizabeth Westphal – Clinical Psychologist – Adults & Adolescent

Dr Bruce Wilson – Psychologist – Adults, Couples & Adolescents

Judith Baldacchino – Psychologist – Adults, Couples, Adolescents & Children

Helen Conley – Specialist Relationships Therapist – Adults, Couples & Families


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