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People come to counselling for many different reasons.  It could be work stress, relationship troubles, depression, anxiety or a combination of different factors or issues.

A qualified and experienced psychologist or counsellor can help with these types of situations, and work with clients to equip them with new skills and techniques to help them function better, and help to prevent future problems too.


Our team at Aspire Health & Psychology work with our clients to help relieve emotional distress and turmoil, and equally, the goal of our therapists is to empower our clients, helping them develop their own resourcefulness and skill set, enabling them to flourish and achieve their own personal goals and sense of self-fulfillment.

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How we work

We provide our clients with a caring, comfortable and confidential counselling environment.  We understand that some of our clients may initially find coming to therapy for the first time a little daunting, and we work hard to ensure our clients feel at ease and understand the counselling process.

The relationship between the therapist and client is recognised as being very important, so at Aspire we take the time to ensure that the most appropriate psychologist or counsellor is assigned to each client.

Our therapists engage with our clients in a collaborative process, working together to identify limiting or distressing issues and concerns, as well as destructive or damaging habits that are holding them back from living the life that they want.

The Aspire team of psychologists and counsellors are trained in a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy and many others.   By utilising the most appropriate method for each individual client, together, a working plan is created for making the changes necessary for clients to begin to achieve their goals.


Client Resources

Our psychologists and therapists are committed to giving our clients the resources they need to continually make progress towards achieving their goals.  We ensure our clients have the skills they need to develop strategies to overcome concerns and issues that can arise over the course of one’s life.  At Aspire we work to ensure, you, our client gain:

  • Insight into your problems and concerns
  • Develop a support network necessary for overcoming challenges and adversity
  • The knowledge and skills to create strategies to improve your conditions
  • A system for taking time out of your daily routine to reflect on, and improve, your life
  • Improvements in symptoms of depression, anxiety, addiction, and destructive habits and patterns

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If you’d like to see any of our resident psychologists and counsellors, give us a call on (03) 9391 9866.

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