Level I & Level II Mindfulness and Meditation

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Level I :

1. Understanding of what is mindfulness.

2. How to practice both mindfulness and meditation.

3.Understanding the brain and how to retrain your brain for a happier life.

4. The latest scientific research in how and why meditation and mindfulness work to improve areas such as health, performance, emotional regulation and well-being.

5. Biofeedback Feedback Equipment and how to use this for better outcomes.

Starts: Tuesday June 7th, 14th,21st and 28th
Time: 8.00 pm – 9.30pm 
& Sat 2nd  July 9 am – 11 am
Cost: $220.00
Medicare rebate of $108.25 *

Level II:

  1. Advanced use of Biofeedback Equipment to improve practice.
  2. How to take meditation to a deeper level.
  3. Getting through meditation road blocks.
  4. Mindfulness for peak performance
  5. Building Emotional resilience
  6. Self awareness – internal dialogue.

Starts: Sunday November 20th 
Time: 10.00 am – 4.30pm
Cost: $167

We use the latest technology to provide live recordings of your brain wave frequencies, skin responses and heart rate variability to allow you to see the effects of the various meditations and mindfulness practice. You will receive personal coaching and guidance assisting you to find the best practice that gets the greatest results for you.

Facilitators include:

Marianne Love – PsychologistMarianne Love

Marianne has had over 20 years in the field of psychology and mental health. She has been in private practice the majority of this time assisting people to break through a wide variety of mental health conditions and concerns. She has a special interest in overcoming complex trauma and breaking through the restrictions of limiting beliefs. Marianne is passionate to see a world where people are empowered to live their full potential. Marianne has specialised over several years in the art and practice of meditation and is excited to bring some of her experience, skill and expertise to assist you developing these skills and gaining the life long benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Mathew Shields – Clinical Nurse SpecialistMatt Shields

Mathew works in an Emergency Department as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Having a Bachelor of Nursing and Post Graduate certificate in Emergency Nursing has helped him to study and research the area of subtle energy with a discerning eye. Mathew conducts public talks and workshops on his findings with BFR and kirlian photography and teaches people how gain the most out of their meditation and healing practices using this latest technology. Mathew has expertise utilising the latest biofeedback equipment to enhance the effects and practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Mathew has been an early pioneer in Australia in the use of GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisiation) technique, of Professor Korotkov from St Petersburg Russia. In total he has been using the GDV camera since 2000. During this time he researched and studied in the areas of meditation, shamanism, healing, paranormal phenomenon and the effect of conscious intention on water. He specialises in using GDV technology to assess both psychological and physical health. Using this diagnosising equipment Mathew is able to give a comprehensive health assessment and guidance on practices that will aid optimal health and well-being.


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