Workplace Counselling & Corporate Counselling

A company’s success is largely dependent on the wellbeing of the staff they employ. Over recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that more and more individuals are experiencing high levels of stress and conflict in the workplace. If not managed effectively, this can have detrimental effects on both the staff member and the company as a whole.

Issues in the workplace can lead to:

• Feeling overwhelmed
• Tiredness
• Insecurity
• Poor health
• More absence
• Poor work performance
• More conflict
• Low productivity
• Increased anxiety & depression
• Unhappy workplace culture


Counselling is a confidential way to help individuals understand and talk about their issues at work. Counselling can help staff find the tools and skills that they need to access strengths and potential. It can also help staff identify weaknesses and the things that they can work on to perform better at work. Counselling provides tools to improve relationships, and resolve workplace conflict. Other key area of focus in counselling is stress management.
Counselling also looks at any personal issues that may be affecting productivity and wellbeing.

Benefits of Counselling

• Increased productivity
• Higher self-esteem
• Reduced absences
• Reduced workplace stress
• Improved workplace culture

If you feel unhappy or overwhelmed in your workplace, contact Aspire on (03) 9391 9866 to make an appointment with one of our psychologists.

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