We Take a Holistic Approach

Adolescence can be a very stressful and confusing time. This is often due to developmental and hormonal changes and the challenges of moving from being a child to becoming an adult. It is can be a time of mounting pressures related to school, friendships and family challenges.  Our psychologists at Aspire Health & Psychology work collaboratively with the young person to put their goals and aspirations very much at the forefront of the therapy.

Often adolescent clients like to explore ideas that they have not been able to talk about or find solutions with friends and family. Very often the counselling includes acquiring new skills and building confidence to help improve their conditions, as well as gaining insight into their problems and developing strategies to overcome their concerns.

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Therapy For All Ages

We prioritise creating a safe place for young people to work through their concerns and challenges in a very supportive, understanding and accepting way. We value the privacy of the young person we see and openly discuss with them what information can be shared with family and referrers. Depending on the situation and willingness of the adolescent, we include families in therapy as much as is helpful to their goals.

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