We Take a Holistic Approach

Our child psychologists are passionate about helping children have the happiest experience they can of childhood and assisting them to lay the foundations of growing into strong and resilient adults. We take a holistic approach, understanding your child from both an individual perspective and as a part of the wider family and community systems. Our psychologists work with a large range of concerns including development delays, behaviour, anger and emotional distress, loss and grief as well as sleeping and problems in schooling.

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Therapy For All Ages

Infants & Toddlers (0 – 2 years)

In the first 2 years of life, babies go through many developmental changes and stages. This can be a very rewarding and challenging time for both the baby and the parents. Problems often show up in the area of sleep, settling, and crying or developmental concerns. This can be a very challenging time for parents due to lack of sleep, many unmet needs, not being able to do usual interests, and isolation. If you have any concerns, you are anxious (postnatal anxiety disorder) or experiencing low mood (postnatal depression), or feeling overwhelmed it may be worth talking to a psychologist about this.

Therapy includes
Developmental assessment
CBT and attachment therapy
Parenting support

Preschool Aged Children ( 3-5 years)

Preschool years are important times in a child’s development. It is the foundations laid in these early years that are the building blocks for their adult framework and resilience. Common concerns at this stage are separation anxiety and specific anxiety or phobias, as well as managing family changes such as separation or loss. Other common concerns are social development, anger or behavioural problems, eating and sleeping challenges. Developmental concerns may become more apparent during this stage of life. Often intervening early can assist a child in building the foundations they need to manage and move more smoothly through the transition into school and their next developmental milestones.

Therapy includes
Family centred therapy
Play based therapy
Social skills and behaviour management programs.
Interventions to increase wanted behaviour

Primary School Aged Children ( 5-12 years)

Primary School aged children can present with such a diverse range of issues and concerns. Some common problems that emerge during this age group are anxiety disorders and phobias, social skills and concerns, loss, sadness, family separation, development delays, ASD and attention problems. We understand each child has a unique personality and we work closely with the family to understand the child’s concerns in the context of their family and social worlds.

Therapy includes
Family centred therapy
Play based therapy
Social skills and behaviour management programs.
Interventions to increase wanted behaviour
Learning enhancement programs

Teenage Years (12-19 years)

This phase involves a tremendous change in young person’s life. They have many new things to consider as they establish their individual identity, sexuality, and gain more independence and freedom. This can be a challenging time for families and parents as all are adjusting to the changing needs and concerns of the young person. Some common concerns for young people at this age are depression, isolation, anxiety, suicidal ideation and self-harm. Managing the pressures of study and career direction becomes more prevalent at this age also.

Therapy includes
Variety of psychological person-centered approaches, CBT, EMDR, DBT, Motivational interviewing etc.

Supportive counselling for mothers and fathers of newborns and young families

We offer a safe and supportive space for parents to discuss many of the challenges of having a newborn and young children. Whether it is the challenges of the pregnancy or complications of child birth or simply handling the changes in the family when a new baby comes along. Each of the developmental stages and changes in your child offers different challenges. Every age can feel like a big learning curve.

Managing your own hopes, expectations as a parent and changes in your relationship with your partner can make a big difference the experience of being a parent. Sometimes dealing with the stigma and societal pressures around parenting can feel overwhelming. It is valuable to have a supportive and accepting space to explore these challenges and to find your unique groove as a parent.

We can offer support in setting up healthy routines, getting time out, keeping connected to your partner, and feeling empowered in your role. We explore the changing roles from partner/ husband and wife to mum and dad and how these roles change the nature of your relationship and how you relate to each other.

Supportive counselling for parents and blended families

All the best intentions of having a happy household and family can feel almost impossible when managing the complications of blended families. For a child it can be confusing to understand and navigate their emotions and the differing rules or expectation of different parents and households. It can be helpful to define and clarify the role of the step or biological parent and talk through your hopes for your children and family.
We offer a supportive space to discuss your unique situation and assist you to set workable goals.

Child Assessments (18 months to 19 years)

We provide a full range of cognitive and autism assessments to diagnose and better understand what is happening for your child. It can be very confusing and challenging when your child presents with difficulties in understanding social cues and interactions. There may be a range of behaviours that they are displaying such as difficulty in coping with change, sensory issues, being preoccupied with toys or objects and mannerisms such as flapping.

Early intervention is key to supporting your child’s social, emotional and behavioural development. There is funding available for children who have been diagnosed with Autism and other disorders that qualify under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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