EAP Counselling program

A company’s success is largely dependent on the wellbeing of the staff they employ. Over recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that more and more individuals are experiencing high levels of stress and conflict in the workplace. If not managed effectively, this can have detrimental effects on both the staff member and the company as a whole.

Issues in the workplace can lead to:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  •  Tiredness, insecurity, poor health
  • More absence and poor work performance
  • More conflict and low productivity
  • Increased anxiety & depression
  • Unhappy workplace culture
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Choosing Aspire

Counselling is a confidential way to help individuals understand and talk about their issues at work. Counselling can help staff find the tools and skills that they need to access strengths and potential. It can also help staff identify personal matters that may be affecting passion, drive and effectiveness in the workplace. Counselling provides tools to improve relationships and resolve workplace conflict. Another key area of focus in counselling is stress management, leadership and bring the best out in others.

Benefits of Counselling

  • Increased happiness levels & productivity
  • Higher self-esteem & improved workplace culture
  • Reduced absences and workplace stress

Individualised Corporate Training Services

We understand that every business is unique.

Aspire will work with your company to improve and achieve your outcome goals. By identifying and developing staff strengths and skills to their full potential, your company will aspire to new heights. Our skilled trainers tailor training to your specific staff. We can also “train the trainer” with corporate enhancement programs designed for managers and supervisors.

Most companies try to force-fit their staff into the organisation, rather than sculpting the organisational needs to staff strengths and skills. Aspire will assist your company in the sculpting process to create positive change, enhance motivational styles and produce leadership strategies.

We aspire to be a partner in achieving your company’s performance goals and needs, to achieve future success.

Our training sessions are interactive and client centred. The format for the training sessions includes: defining the outlined concepts, small group discussions, a debriefing/input session to identify specific organisational connections to the concepts, and lastly, the initiation of appropriate actioning.

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