Relationship therapists

Our relationship therapist and psychologists consult with individuals and couples (opposite and same-sex attracted) who are dealing with issues central to their lives.

Relationships are complex and we each bring differences in upbringing, attitudes, values, expectations and communication styles.  Sometimes it is the very difference that we were attracted to when we first met our partners that becomes annoying or hard to tolerate later on.

Our relationship therapist works with the couple to reconnect them with their dreams and hopes as a couple and to understand how these differences can assist your relationship as opposed to them being hurdles and points of conflict.

Most relationships go through periods of difficulty when put under stress.  Couples sometimes find themselves caught in repeating patterns of painful interaction and no matter how hard they want it to be different, they seem to return to these old patterns.  It can sometimes be very difficult to change these patterns without the support of a clinically trained professional.

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Couples counselling tends to be more successful when couples seek help early when difficulties start to arise, however every relationship can be improved if the desire to do so is there.

We will help you to:

  • Understand how your relationship currently works
  • Understand how you are contributing to the relationship
  • Explore what you want and need from each other
  • Open up to each other and really talk and listen
  • Work through old issues of pain and hurt that need resolution
  • Develop a plan for change that will require both members of the couple to take action and make change in the relationship.

We can help you with a variety of issues such as conflict, intimacy, affairs, trust, sexual problems, stress, communication, anxiety, parenting and substance abuse.